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GS-407 Countdown Display Timer

GinSan has been the leading manufacturer of timers for nearly a quarter of a century with more than 100,000 GinSan timers in service throughout the world. Our timers have a history of dependability and split second accuracy and are backed by a 2-year warranty… unsurpassed in the industry.  The GS-407 comes with an extra large LED display.


GS-407 Tech Sheet

Product Specifications

24 Volt System


Timer Activation Values: .01 – $99.00


Timer Cycle: 0-99 minutes


Pulse Accumulation Maximum: 255


Low Time Alert: 1-60 seconds (Adjustable)


Quick Restart Time: 1-60 seconds (Adjustable)


Start Up Delay: 1-30 seconds (Adjustable)


Beeper Volume (Adjustable)


Extra Large Display


Bonus (Time) Levels: Two field adjustable levels.


Event Cycles: Two field adjustable levels. ( Start Up Value and Time can be adjusted)


Programmable Wash Greeting: 32 character maximum. (Message will scroll depending on length)


Language Options: English, Spanish, German, and French


Currency Options: Dollars, Tokens, Euros, and Pesos

Four Moneterial Inputs


Six Adjustable Premium Inputs-*Time adjusts Based on Premium Input Selected.


Remote Activated Coded Wash Down


Free Wash Cycle: 0-200 cycles (Adjustable) – When the chosen cycle is activated by the deposited coin, the consumer will receive a full wash cycle plus the coin deposited.


ExpressKEY: Counts up when ExpressKEY is used. (Adjustable)


  • Four Moneterial Inputs

  • Total Revenue

  • Wash Cycles

  • Wash Time

  • Wash Down Time

  • ExpressKEY Cycles

  • ExpressKEY Time


Available with GinSan Remote Control

Two Year Warranty

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