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Lumi Shield Meter Box

Identified as the industry leader in self service car wash technologies for the past 41 years, GinSan understands what it takes to make your site unique, identifiable and most importantly profitable. The “OVERSIZED” Lumi-Shield door allows you to maximize functionality, security and payment methods giving you a clear advantage within your market place.


Lumi Shield Flyer

Let Us Customize Your Meter Boxes!

We can add custom colors, logos and backgrounds to any meter box, giving your location a unique and personalized look and feel.

Download our Custom Graphics Brochure!

Product Specifications

Unmistakable, positive button response


L.E.Ds in buttons clearly identify which function is active


Accepts credit cards, bills, up to four types of coins or tokens


12 different functions


Themed overlay atmospheres allow you to personalize the look in your bays at no additional cost

Options & Accessories

Bill Collectors – Talos $1 - $20


Credit Card Acceptors – CryptoPay, Unitex, Hamilton, Wash Card


Coin Acceptors – Sensortron, IDX, Micro Coin, Multritron, Magikist


Industry leading, 1-31 coin electronic timer

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