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Product Specifications

Membrane: 2.5 x 40/4 x 40 HF4 membrane elements.


Advanced membrane technology focusing on high permeate flow / low energy.


Pump and Motor: 1.5 or 2 HP Berkley centrifugal pump and motor. (Procon® on 600 & 1200 GPD models.) Units are configured for 208/230 VAC single phase.


Sediment Filter: 20” 5 micron filter. Removes sediment prior to membrane entry.


Pressure Gauges: Shock and UV resistant liquid filled gauges used for their superior quality, accuracy, and durability.


Low-Pressure Switch: Standard on all systems to protect the unit from the loss of water pressure.


Inlet Solenoid Value: Automatically shuts off water to the system.


TDS Meter: HM digital in-line dual TDS meter measures levels of both feed and product water. This is a very effective way to compare membrane performance and rejection rates.


Flow Meters: High-quality flow meters offer unparalleled performance and consistency.

Reverse Osmosis System

Designed to utilize the latest components and advanced membrane technology, this system will ensure success and savings in all product applications.


Pure Quality Reverse Osmosis Flyer
Pure Quality Reverse Osmosis Manual
Pure Quality Delivery Stand Manual

System Options and Accessories

Water Saver: Additional valving allows the system to recirculate reject water, thus saving on costly water
discharge utilities.


Manual Flush: Pre-plumbed controller allows the equipment owner to rinse membranes with permeate (good water) at any time, thus removing contaminated water from the membranes.


Auto-Flush: Pre-plumbed control automatically activates a permeate rinse throughout the system after each production cycle removing contaminated water from the membranes.

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