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Triple Foam System

Increase the perceived value and profits at your wash with this low-pressure add-on. The GinSan Triple Foam System is self-contained and requires little space in your equipment room, yet will make a noticeable difference in your bays. Triple foam conditioner can be dispensed by foam brush or gun applicator. Colorful matching signs are also available to help the customer identify each function chosen.


Triple Foam Flyer
Triple Foam Manual
Triple Foam Timer Tech Sheet

Product Specifications

Industry leading, DIP switch adjustable electronic timer


Hydrominders for solution mixtures


Liquid filled gages (0-100 psi)


Stainless steel construction


Drain plugs in each tank


Pre-wired, pre-plumbed


Flo-jet delivery pump

System Options and Accessories

Stainless steel 360º dual boom & ceiling-mount spider assembly


Stainless steel 180º wall-mount low-pressure foam brush boom


Colorful pictorial sign package


Floor mount stand


Water weep system


GinSan foam brush applicator


GinSan foam gun applicator


GinSan high-pressure wand

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