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Versa Stainless Steel Wash System

The industries we serve continue to change and evolve… and so do we. GinSan knows the key to our 42 years of success is our ability to develop technologically driven products that meet the rigorous day-to-day requirements of most vehicle/utility wash operations. The Versa Direct Drive Stainless Steel System is our latest creation.


Reliable, simple, compact… The Versa easily meets the daily requirements for a multitude of different industrial washing applications and services. With customer piece of mind as our number one focus, rest assured with the decision to invest in the most dependable system in the industry from the most identifiable company in the industry.


Versa Flyer
Versa Manual
Versa Wiring US Applications

Product Specifications

Configurable for 1-2 bays.

Small 27” wide footprint. Designed to be added to existing or replacement.

Pre-wired, Pre-plumbed and factory tested.

Pump directly connect to motors.

Electrical isolation for maintenance.

CAT 5CP2140 Direct Drive pump

3 horsepower 60hz Leeson assemblies.

Red/Green/Amber indicator lights.

Pulsation dampener hoses for each high pressure pump assembly.

Glycerin filled gages.

Solution supply screen for pump protection.

Cold or warm water rinse option.

Fuse protection throughout system.

Color coded wiring to correspond with GinSan technical documentation.

High pressure soap, rinse and wax tank assemblies: Utilizes the industry standard Jobe Valve/ 506 Hydrominder for automatic mixing of cleaning agents/solutions and delivery

Low water cut-off system protection.

Thermostatically controlled weep system with manual override.

System Options & Accessories

5 horsepower motors


3 or 5 horsepower, 50 hertz motor international applications.


CAT, General, Arimitsu or Giant high pressure pump assemblies.

 2 self-service bays.

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