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Water Treatment

Designed to produce reverse osmosis water with greater efficiency at a reduced cost. This system is available in 600, 2200, 4400, 6600 and 8800 Gallon Per Day configurations. Larger unit capacities available upon request. Making sure customers receive a “Spot Free” vehicle is your top priority. Building a dependable, affordable system is ours.


Owners Guide

Product Specifications

Automatic membrane flush after each production cycle with R.O. water


Compact stainless steel construction factory tested, sanitized, pre-wired and pre-plumbed


Instrument panel with flow meters, pressure gauges, water quality indicator light and water test port


Water Saver reduces water to drain, resulting in greater efficiency, lower operating costs and increased profits


High-performance thin film composite cold water membrane allows for full performance with cold water feed


Electronic TDS pocket meter


Colorful “Spot Free Rinse” pictorial bay sign

Color coded hoses


Storage tank

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